Gov’t eyes 6.6-6.8% GDP growth rate for 2019

04:20' PM - Monday, 22/10/2018

The Government sets an economic growth target of 6.6-6.8% for 2019, said PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc while presenting a report for socio-economic development norms on October 22 in Ha Noi.

PM Phuc stressed that in 2019 the Government would continue to consolidate the macro-economy; control inflation; raise self-control competence for the economy; improve the investment and business environment; make practical changes in strategic breakthroughs; restructure the economy and transform the growth modal; raise productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness; develop innovations, scientific and technological applications; and make full use of the fourth industrial revolution.

The Government will develop culture, society, ensure social security; raise people’s material and spiritual life; tighten management of natural resources; protect the environment; prevent natural disasters; respond to climate change; accelerate administrative and judicial reforms; streamline personnel apparatus; prevent corruption and wastefulness; consolidate national defense; ensure social security; better diplomatic work and international integration.

In economic field, the Government targets a 6.6-6.8% GDP growth rate; a 4% CPI; a 7-8% growth rate of export turnover. Trade gap was set to be equal to about 3% of total export turnover. Total social development capital would account for around 33-34% of GDP.

In social scope, poverty rate (in multidimensional standards) would drop 1-1.5%, especially 4% at poor districts; unemployment rate in urban areas would declined to under 4%; the proportion of trained labor would meet 60-62%; the healthcare insurance rate would touch 88.1%.

In the environment, the rate of industrial parks and processing zones operating with a sewage treatment system would be 89%. Forest coverage would be 41.85%.

Eight key tasks and solutions

To successfully fulfill the aforesaid goals, the Government puts forth eight tasks and solutions for 2019.

Firstly, continue to consolidate the macro-economy; control inflation; improve the investment and business environment; promote economic growth;

Secondly, synchronously conduct strategic breakthroughs;

Thirdly, make clear changes in economic restructuring; transform growth modal; raise productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness;

Fourthly, develop culture and society in harmony with economic growth; raise people’s material and spiritual life;

Fifthly, develop management of natural resources and the environment; actively prevent natural disasters; respond to climate change;

Sixthly, perfect the legal system; raise enforcement; strongly reform administrative procedures; beef up inspections and settlements of accusations and complaints; drastically prevent corruption and wastefulness;

Seventhly, strengthen national defense; security; ensure social security; improve diplomacy work and international integration;

Eighthly, better information work to generate social consensus; generate national confidence and aspirations.

PM Phuc stressed that the Government would make every effort to realize the set norms for 2019, thus contributing to fulfilling the five-year socio-economic development plan for 2016-2020./. - VGP -

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