Petrol prices surge by nearly VND900 per liter

08:37' PM - Friday, 29/05/2020

The prices of E5 RON92 and RON95 gasoline in Vietnam increased by nearly VND900 per liter as of 3 p.m. on May 28 after the decision of the ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance.

Accordingly, the price of biofuel E5 RON92 climbed VND882 per liter to VND12,402 per liter; that of RON95 gasoline surged VND890 per liter to VND13,125 per liter. Diesel oil 0.05S rose VND892 per liter to VND10,749 per liter. Kerosene gained VND875 per liter to VND8,757 per liter. Mazut oil 180CST 3.5S jumped VND947 per kilogram to VND9,492 per kilogram.

A gas station was caught red-handed for hoarding gasoline to wait for price hikes.

After receiving reports that a gas station in Dong Da District in Hanoi refused to sell A95 gasoline to consumers, saying that it was out of stock, the market surveillance authority on the night of May 27 promptly inspected that gas station to clarify the situation.
Accordingly, at the time of the inspection for the gas station No.2 of the Lang Ha Trade Cooperative at 95 Vu Ngoc Phan Street in Dong Da District in Hanoi, the district’s market surveillance authority asked the gas station manager to open the A95 gasoline tank for them to check.

However, the gas station manager refused with the reason that if the district’s market surveillance authority wants to open the gas tank for inspection, it must get the permission of the leader of the gas station.

Therefore, the district’s market surveillance authority requested the assistance of the district’s police. Only when the police arrived, did the gas station open the A95 gas tank for the market surveillance officers.

The measuring result showed that the height of the amount of A95 gasoline remaining in the tank was at 2.57 meters or around 20,000 liters of A95 gasoline unlike the ‘out of stock’ announcement made by the gas station manager. Therefore, on May 28, the district’s market surveillance authority continued to work with the owner of this gas station to handle this matter. - SGGP -

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