Exxon, Chevron first-quarter earnings expected to dip from last year

Exxon Mobil and Chevron are expected to report lower quarterly earnings per share when compared with last year’s first quarter, though their stocks have outperformed smaller companies with both in the midst of aggressive expansion plans in shale oil.

US pledges to work with Asian oil buyers on transition from Iranian crude

The US believes the world has enough oil to keep the market stable, and Washington will step up efforts to work with producers and Asian importers to ensure a smooth energy transition away from Iranian oil, US government officials said Thursday.

U.S. dollar firmer against Vietnam dong

The U.S. dollar shot to to over VND23,000 per dollar today, April 24, backed by the strong drop in the world gold price, according to Thanh Nien newspaper.

Hanoi int’l plastic, rubber, packing industry exhibition 2019 opens

The 2019 Hanoi International Plastic, Rubber, Printing, Packing Industry Exhibition opened in Hanoi on April 24, attracting 180 exhibitors from 10 countries and territories worldwide.

National industry promotion programme must be renovated

The national industry promotion programme is set to focus more on creating breakthroughs for rural industries in enhancing productivity, quality and competitiveness of industrial and handicraft products, according to an official.

Việt Nam, China trade ties continue to develop

Economic and trade relations between Việt Nam and China have been developing in a positive direction, as shown by the continuous increase of bilateral trade turnover between the two countries. Việt Nam is fast becoming an attractive investment destination for Chinese enterprises.

Oil falls from 6-month high on signs market not as tight as feared

Oil prices fell on Wednesday after a report allayed concerns about tightening supply, ending a rally that took prices to their highest since early November on concerns that OPEC output cuts and sanctions would take too much oil out of the market.
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