Slow growth, no recession for US economy, chems in '20 - ACC economists

The US and the global economy should see slow growth in 2020 with the performance of the US chemical sector reflecting the muted outlook, economists at the American Chemistry Council (ACC) said.

Coal export quota for the year not reached

Coal miners are allowed to export 2 million tons of coal, but they have not used up the yearly quota.

The Euro Is the Currency No One Wants to Own

The euro is encroaching on the dollar’s territory as the world’s currency of global borrowing, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to keep hold of it.

China maintains tariffs must be reduced for phase one trade deal with U.S.

Tariffs must be cut if China and the United States are to reach an interim agreement on trade, the Asian nation’s commerce ministry said on Thursday, sticking to its stance that some U.S. tariffs must be rolled back for a phase one deal.

Oil steadies after slide on Trump's U.S-China trade comments

Oil steadied on Tuesday, settling narrowly mixed as expectations of output cuts from OPEC and allied producers helped prices bounce after a slide following comments from U.S. President Donald Trump that a trade deal with China may be delayed.

Plastic association rejects increase of import tariff on plastic pellets

The Vietnam Plastic Association (VPA) has recently sent an official dispatch to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to propose to keep import tariff of polypropylene (PP) plastic material at 3 percent instead of increasing it to 5 percent.

Oil exploitation drops, coal increases

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on December 3 reported that production index of mining industry in the first 11 months of this year rose by 0.9 percent over the same period last year.
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